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Power to the Sample Size

Who Should Take This Course: Anyone who needs to plan or execute experiments, surveys, or long-term clinical trials. An existing undergraduate background in estimation and testing hypotheses is essential.

 Course Program:
The course is structured as follows

 Session I--The Basics

 A. Factors Underlying Power and Sample Size
 B. Estimating Parameters
 C. Binomial Trials
 1. Contingency tables
 2. When p is small--vaccine trials
 3. Applications to Clinical Trial Design 
 D. Second Thoughts
 1. Should the Study be Performed?
 2. Should There be Preliminary Trials?
 3. Ending the Study 

 Session II--Continuous Measurements

 A. Using Statistical Software
 B. When Are Observations Almost Normal?
 C. The Bootstrap
 D. Using the Pilot Sample

 Session III - Advanced Techniques

 A. Long-Term Studies
 B. Sequential Sampling
 C. Meta-Analysis
 D. Plan - Do – ChecK

Source: Online and at Your Site; Professional Development in Statistics

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